Friday, July 07, 2006

Google Finance: My Thoughts

I really like the charting features and clean look of Google Finance however the blog section of the site needs some work. I have found that the information it contains for the company I work for is irrelevant. Google simply does a blog search for the name of the company in question and displays whatever it finds.

This may be OK for large companies, but for smaller ones the blog posts it lists look as if they were created just so that they would show up in the search for the name of a particular company. It seems to me as if it's a case of unscrupulous bloggers trying to "spam" (can't think of a better word) the blog search engine.

I searched high and low for a way to ask Google to remove those irrelevant results and asked a question on the Google Groups support forum about it last month, but received no response. I think they should either improve the search to exclude more irrelevant posts, provide a way to have them removed, or provide us with the option to turn off the blog section completely... perhaps through some personal settings or a query string.


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